Thursday, 19 July 2007

I was gonna update this the other day I swear but..

I started playing wow again :(

This is the first page of a comic I'm working on. I haven't done any backgrounds yet or colour. But I will.


Page two

Page 4(?)
It's only a pencil sketch. It won't really be so black in the end.

Not in the comic. Just some crazy tribesman.

I re-read this again the other day. And I just about wet myself on the last panel.

The scanner ruined this one a little bit.

Computers suck.

I spent a whole day on this when I should have been working.

Two completely random drawings that just happened to be inseperably close and happen to work a bit together.


Katy said...

"basil faulty method" made me LOOOOL
That page is awesome :D

Sam said...

Thanks. Random Doodling ftw!

Maybe I'll do another post later or tomorrow. I haven't really been drawing much though, so not much to show.