Sunday, 25 March 2007

T-Shit Design Project


My lecturer(s) seemed to like the blog/drawings last friday. I probably still got a C though. They're all wankers.

Anyway, some point last week, out of frustration from drawing 'off style' I tried drawing Andrew WanK from memory but using all the obligatory construction lines and various line widths. I think it came out pretty well, so I'm passing it onto you.

This week's project though is about t-shirt designs. We get three topics -next big thing - yummy - obscure 'myspace' bands.

We also can't do 'jokey' shirts. I think that was aimed at me.

I chose myspace bands, because the first topic was a bit dull, and yummy will just end up being a shirt with a dick joke on it or something.

This band is called 'Darth Metal'.

I thought that they were hilarious.

I pretty much just searched 'Death Metal' in myspace.

It made me ANGRY/AWESOME!!

I then remembered that a friend of mine had her own music page and that it was pretty good. Her upcoming EP is called 'Apocalyptic Butterfly'.

So I decided it would be awesome if there was a butterfly with firey wings.

And then I thought it would be awesome if the firey wings were destroying a skyline.

I think I was right.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Drawings From The Student Bar Part 3

This is my final post on this project. So let's get on with it!

It's not often that I see actual metal fans in the pub (except for when some of my mates are there). Even rarer is a metal head who is a girl.

So, I drew her.

I gave her checkerboard teeth for some reason.

And this is her semi-emo boyfriend.

She could do so much better.

Pastel drawing of a beer I idly outlined.

It looked better on paper.

Same as above but of a person.

I really fucking hate pastels.

They get all the place.

I think that this might be the second or third person I drew all fortnight at the public house that is smiling. But it's kind of a Mona Lisa Smile. Her right eye looks like it's welling up a bit.

This is the first genuinely grumpy looking person.

I was pretty bored drawing this. It totally shows too.

Aw, he's in a sling, bless.

That project was pretty fun because it was drawing for the sake of drawing, and I'll be honest, I enjoy drawing like that.

I bet the next project is back to as many restrictions as possible.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Drawings From The Student Bar Part 2

This is the second post of (hopefully) three about the EleHouse drawings what I did. So let's just jump straight into it, yes?

I 'made' a sketchbook for the second load of drawings using newsprint. I think this paper is fucking terrible. You rip holes in it, everything looks like shit on it and you cant remove the yellow tint in photoshop without destroying the line art.

I'm a goddamn idiot for trying.

Also, notice the awesome legless chairs.

This guy was eating a Burger. A lot of people were in fact eating Burgers. On Sundays people just dig Burgers.

Maybe it was because the football was on.

I only think it was the football because I only bought chips and I can't stand football. So obviously it's linked somehow.

I chose to draw my beer after the tutors lambasted someone else who was almost exclusively drawing drinks, for not drawing reflections and stuff.

I know why he didn't. BECAUSE IT'S REALLY BORING.

The first 'semi-digital' image. It looks fairly crap. I like his pose though, it's great.

I was also struggling with the mouth. His expression kept switching between euphoria and unrelenting misery.

I'm not really sure if I like this. I've only uploaded it because someone said he looked 'well fucking shifty'. And also because I need like 50 pictures.

There are so many guys on campus who are like this. They're all emo looking, but they're really cocky wankers.

I think I captured that perfectly.

This guy was sitting next to the one above.

He was either really tired, or really depressed.

Probably both.

An Elephant.

Winnie the Pooh

He was actually watching football, and not some girl on the other side of the page.

But I think that's pretty cool too.

This is probably my favourite picture out of the whole load I've drawn so far.

Pretty much just for her eyes.

This was a big fat nerd that was watching the football too. He looked like he'd be crushed should his team (could have been either) lost.

This is the ceiling in the EleHouse. Sort of, it's not finished, and it took me like an hour.

I think it looks a bit better on screen than on paper.

So that's all the drawings from my second sitting that were worth posting (there were loads of properly sucky ones too).

I would have done more but they called Time at like 5 in the afternoon and pulled down the shutters over the bar. No-one else got served, and I left before the football finished because it was boring me sober.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Drawings From The Student Bar Part 1 - Visual Essay Project

This project was actually really interesting. We were told to find somewhere interesting, sit in it, draw things from it, and then 'publish' it. So obviously I chose the pub.
I thought I'd pick somewhere interesting in London. Preferably somewhere I'd never been before. Somewhere strange and exciting.

However my bank account said no. So I decided to do it in the Student Pub (The Elehouse) instead. I practically lived there last year, so it was entirely the opposite of what I had originally wanted.

I kept a drinks chart. I was in there pretty much all day and I only left because my mates were getting bored of watching me draw strangers, and also because I started looking like this.

I mostly used this project as an exercise to practice drawing people. You cant really see but this guy was looking at his phone at the time of drawing, and then he read his book for an hour before some of his friends turned up. And then they left.

I think this is one of the stronger drawings out of the whole set. The lady on the right is especially awesome. I have no idea what they were talking about, but it was worth quoting.

I think you can enlarge these pictures if you click on them.

I know you want to.

Quiz machines are totally over rated. But saying that, I'll play if you put in your money.

He was totally staring at me and mouthing 'What the Frack!?'

This was originally a picture of a friend of mine who turned up to have a few drinks. It was originally drawn in a grey pen, but thanks to an accident in Photoshop, it is now quite odd/good.

It's a pretty good likeness too.

Girls suck at Pool.

Me on the other hand, am unbeaten.

I think this picture's hilarious. This is probably the fastest drawn picture in this post, but I had to capture the moment straight away.

I half wish that I'd left this in black and white. But that's a bit dull, really.

This is an unfinished environment drawing of the EleHouse. It took me so long to do this, and by then I was quite pissed and bored, so I just left it in the faint hope I'd finish it later.

I didn't, but I think the white space helps lend it a surreal edge. It's all very sophisticated.

This is the last picture I'll show you from my first day doing this project, it was also the last picture I drew whilst there. I was very bored and a little drunk by then, so I pretty much had a fight with the sketch book, and won.

I'll make another post either tomorrow or Wednesday showing all of the images from my second day spent doodling random students. With any luck I'll get to go back some point this week and draw some more before Friday.

Saturday, 17 March 2007


This is the obligatory first test post.