Wednesday, 13 August 2008

'Rain' by William Somerset Maugham

This is the last project I did at University, and the one I'm probably most proud of. It's a little self-promotion booklet based on the amazing short story 'RAIN' by W. Somerset Maugham. It's not a literal extract, as in I took several passages and arranged them out of order to tell a new story to fit the brief. The brief being something to do with Weather.

This is my favourite project from my time spent at Uni and I honestly can't understand why it's taken me so long to upload it. But without further ado, here it is.
(as always, click to enlarge and fully enjoy it)


not_so_tiny said...

I think the last image is AMAZING, I love how there's no colour except for the huge ammount of water (brilliantly drawn) above, really good contrast. It's wicked Sam, well done.

Sam said...

Thanks man. Comments like this make it worth it.
I think my favourite is the third one (woman in red looking over shoulder) tied with the seventh one (crazy pink lady in diabolical living quarters).