Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Infinite Undiscovery

Sorry for my abscence. I just haven't been drawing at all. So erm, sorry.

But I have been occupying my unemployed arse with computer games. I was going to do a few brief reviews on a couple of them, but I have the most to say about Infinite Undiscovery.

The story is about a group of oppressive knights known as the Order of Chains who are for some reason terrorising the world by chaining the moon to the planet. Sounds interesting. The main character is a flute wielding fella called Capell, locked up in a case of mistaken identity. And then subsequently busted out in a further case of mistaken identity. Turns out you look identical to the hero of the resistance, a guy called Sigmund.

Bearing in mind I'm only about 6 hours in to a game that comes on 2 discs, I'm still not sure why you get busted out, because when you first meet Sigmund it is pretty obvious that he's not left his band of fellow freedom fighters at all, so why one of his trusted lieutenants (a 16 year old busty brunette) believes you're him and needs saving is beyond me. Ultimately the story feels poor so far, and the voice acting and animation in the many, MANY cutscenes leaves much to be desired.

The combat is pretty good, a cross between Eternal Sonata and Devil May Cry with a dash of FF12. You run around on the map and defeat enemies in real time action stabby mode. A style I appreciate due to it's immediacy and simplicity, although it feels a bit too easy. I've only died once so far and only through boredom really.

IU isn't a bad game but I can't help compare it to Lost Oddyssey which had a far more compelling story and excellant characterisation backed up by some brilliant animation and voice work, but I felt was let down by it's insistance on turn based combat and I was ultimately turned off by it. IU is the exact opposite, with a playable combat system and a rather insipid and predictable story line.

Above: A better game
My least favourite aspect of the game is the two obligatory 'kid' characters, Rico and Rucha. Now, Lost Oddyssey had them, and whilst annoying at first, I came to like them. They were believable enough despite being able to throw it down with the best of them. IU's twins are so frustratingly annoying it's impossible to like them.

Alarm bells start ringing early on when their mother just hands them over to you, a complete stranger to look after. Capell objects, although not very much. And pretty much everytime thereafter when the group gets split up, you're the one stuck with Rico and Rucha. In one occasion Sigmund orders them to keep an eye on you and I just said to myself 'yeah because Sigmund can't fucking stand them either'.

Worse is that, you need both in your party because they buff each other, but they dont ACTUALLY complement each other particulary well, both being essentially the same leading to your team being less balanced than I'd like.

Above: Little Fucking Shits


Loz said...

Wait, you have a 360 now?

I thought I saw Teh Highwaymans on the other night but didn't think much of it.

Sam said...

Yeah, I do. And I'm waiting for you to bring Lost Oddyssey back.

Loz said...

Well, if you had replied earlier I probably could have brought it round (went to see Oli). I'll browse what games you have at home and see if we can come to a swap arrangement of some kind.

Have you got a headset coz you failed majorly earlier when trying to get that private chat up lol. Btw, where did you get Xbox money from.

And don't say overdraft...

Sam said...

I do have a headset. And the fail was all you. You kept dropping everytime i accepted an invite.

Loz said...

Nope, wasn't me that was dropping out, even had Oz round as a witness if you don't believe me. Meh, will just have to try again some time then.

You paid for a Gold Account?

Sam said...

I did not. I don't think I have any games I can play online. Infinite Undiscovery, is a no.

Mercanaries 2 does have an online co-op mode, but you would need it too. I don't know what else I still have down here, but it won't be much.

Loz said...

There should still be a copy of Halo 3. It might be the dodgy one and might be annoying to start but may well work.

It may have been my end thinking about it now. This connection is pretty good early morning/late night but in the evenings, it's whored like a bitch and makes Halo unplayable.

Isn't Mercs 2 a whole pile of meh and airstrikes? :)