Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I Return

Sorry I've been away so long. Well I'm not that sorry, but you understand. I was working and it got on top of me.

I've not been doing any drawing (lame I know) but here is a comic I was working on over the summer. I only did 7 pages and I am contemplating starting over as I don't really think it's particularly well written (or drawn but that's another matter).

I'll leave it up to you to judge


not_so_tiny said...

Oh noes, what's going to happen!?

I really like it Sam, it's draw very well and I really want to know the story. Keep at it.

Sam said...

Hey man, thanks.

I think some of the drawings are a bit crappy. Most of Page 5 in particular.

Another reason for starting over is that I sort of know where the story's going, but I didn't set it up particularly well, so it's easier to do over rather than make it fit.

Katy said...

Goddam, leave it on a cliff hanger why don't you?
I really liked the panels with Jim... it felt like he had some kind of bigger story... you should use his character again..

And yeah the drawing is really good. The coloured-in panels look especially sweet!

Sam said...

Cliffhangers are how I roll.

Lol, I did pencil the next two pages but the story wasn't really working out properly.

Which of the coloured panels did you like best? The page that is mostly blue was done in Photoshop and the other dottings of colour were done in Illustrator (as I recently rediscovered it).

I'm surprised you picked out Jim as interesting. I personnally thought he was pretty weak as a character.

And yes, expect to see some more of Lucien, Jim and possibly Larry.