Monday, 6 April 2009

It Came From Beyond (the Jameson's house)

Hello there, to whoever reads this still. I've been doing a bit of drawing lately during downtime in my Naxxramas raids. It's surprising how much you can actually get done while waiting for people to turn up, run from graveyard, discuss strategies.

I got the idea for this, sort of, when I had to mail some dvds a week or two back. I couldn't find the post office (apparently all the local ones are shut) and had to walk into Laleham. Got a bit lost and ended up walking down suburbua. With the endless rows of houses and surprisingly few people it felt a little claustraphobic and Kafkaesque. I imagined myself lost in this labyrynthine residential area for the rest of all time.

I got out of course. Duh. But I couldn't escape the feeling at the time that I was trapped.

This image however is part of my attempt to build a new slightly fresher, more mainstream looking portfolio. The hope is it'll get me work. Work that I need.

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