Friday, 15 May 2009

100th POST!

They said it would never happen. BUT IT HAS! This is officially my 100th post. So I thought I'd celebrate by fiddling around in Flash and making something that moved. It's a bit rough, as I've never used it before. But it's a nice try. I think.


Frimkron said...

Oh cool - you should do more animations - this has so much character!

Congrats dude - that's a lot of posts!

Sam said...

Thanks, yeah I plan to do more. Just need to plan it out a bit and decide what I want.

And yeah, I'm surprised i hit 100 posts too.

Elliot Humphries said...

This was fucking awesome

Katy said...

this is brilliant! Really fucking cool Sam :)
hooray for having friends with wicked blogs!
and all your other new stuff is fantastic too