Sunday, 25 March 2007

T-Shit Design Project


My lecturer(s) seemed to like the blog/drawings last friday. I probably still got a C though. They're all wankers.

Anyway, some point last week, out of frustration from drawing 'off style' I tried drawing Andrew WanK from memory but using all the obligatory construction lines and various line widths. I think it came out pretty well, so I'm passing it onto you.

This week's project though is about t-shirt designs. We get three topics -next big thing - yummy - obscure 'myspace' bands.

We also can't do 'jokey' shirts. I think that was aimed at me.

I chose myspace bands, because the first topic was a bit dull, and yummy will just end up being a shirt with a dick joke on it or something.

This band is called 'Darth Metal'.

I thought that they were hilarious.

I pretty much just searched 'Death Metal' in myspace.

It made me ANGRY/AWESOME!!

I then remembered that a friend of mine had her own music page and that it was pretty good. Her upcoming EP is called 'Apocalyptic Butterfly'.

So I decided it would be awesome if there was a butterfly with firey wings.

And then I thought it would be awesome if the firey wings were destroying a skyline.

I think I was right.

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