Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Fiftieth Post...Apparently

This is apparently my fiftieth post. I hadn't really thought about what I was going to do so I thought I'd post up a new image. Jut like normal really.

As an extra (dubious) treat, here is a collection of highlights thus far.

Metal: To Hell and Back The first 17 or so pages of this epic graphic novel that appeared here first.

Mental Sandbox The book about myself that I recently posted up in installments. Doesn't really have a plot. It's more of an ambience.

Pizza Hut Comic I hated that job. Damn customers always get first dibs. >(

The Partially Invisible Junkie and her Lips
This is a post that still scares me when I'm alone in dark places.

Just Some Kickass Drawings
I think the title says it all really.

Many Comics Again, same as above really.

Do The Ka-Tet Folks And bring that great big wheel around again!


not_so_tiny said...

You NEED to finish Metal: To Hell and Back.

Sam said...