Saturday, 7 April 2007


Seeing as I enjoy drawing comics, and I have a few kicking about, I decided to upload a couple of the more complete ones. I say complete, the top two aren't finished at all, but meh. Click to download.

TRIC is the latest one. These pages are very unfinished. I've been trying to add to them recently but it's slow going.

I'm not entirely sure what I was doing with this. I think I had a script and everything, but I just got bored, and a bit paranoid about what people might think having myself as a (semi) main character.

I did this last Easter as a 24 hour comic and it's really awesome. I still quite like it but that might be because it's actually finished.

Probably NSFW.

I've got some course work (doodles) I'm putting off scanning in.


Loz Taylor said...

You forgot the Charlie the Unicorn comic!

Sam said...

It wasn't really a comic though.

or any good.