Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Some Kickass Drawings Wot I Did Today(night)

Now the sketchbook is almost full I've started to slow down (get lazy) on doing it. But I did some drawings today which I actually liked. This is mostly because I've decided to do the opposite of what my lecturers have told me to do. Instead of experimenting, I stayed firmly within my comfort zone. I guess some of the other drawings that I've been doing have helped out some how.

In all honesty, reducing it to only 600 across doesn't do this justice. But I'm not going back and redoing it. The dude on the left is (according to wikipedia) the Turkish Prime Minister, the guy on the right is the venerable Larry David. This is the page that made me want to post something. It took me almost an entire sketchbook, but I finally got to a page that doesn't make me want to hurl when I look at it.

Not strictly in my 'comfort zone' as I fucking hate water colours (and always have done) but this is the sort of thing I used to do all the time at GCSE (and to some extent A - Level) Art. This is what I would do when I did a painting.

A cartoon.

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not_so_tiny said...

dude they are both awesome. well done. i need to start using more materials sigh...