Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter is teh DULL

I've got two assignments over Easter. The first is an essay. The second is another observational drawing project. We've gotta fill a sketchbook full of drawings of, and I quote, 'faces, hands, trees, cars' and there's probably a fifth one I forgot.

I kinda decided to draw a bit of everything.
Here's what I have so far.

I think I was watching these faces on telly.
That hand is my brother's.

Don't forget you can click each image to make it larger!

My father reading the paper in the kitchen. His hand's pretty dodgy (both of them actually).

That is the silouhette of a cat.

Quick doodles of some of the characters from sketch show 'Rush Hour'. Note to the makers of this show. No-one finds 'humourous situations' set in traffic, 'humourous'.

This was a page on 'Hands What You See At Gigs Instead of the Band'. I have yet to do the 'hitler salute' and 'lighter/mobile screen wave'.

Done whilst watching the entirety of 'Shallow Grave'. This page is especially cool because of the sheer amount of drawings here. But as quantity goes, not much considering it was an hour and a half (plus ?) long. In my defence it was cut pretty fast.

I was watching '4 Music Presents My Chemical Romance' which was on straight after 'Shallow Grave'. This is the presenter. Sort of. I also drew my hand, which now looks like it's scratching his head.

These were doodles from 'Stephen King's Sleepwalkers' on straight after 'My Fucking Incredible'. The film sucked actual bollocks until right near the end. I was dying to turn it off and play 'Prey' but I had drawings to make.

And there were also a lot of cats in it.

More from 'Sleepwalkers'. The guy on the left was the obligatory black dude. I liked him because he said 'fuck' and 'shit' a lot.

He also had a pet cat who pwned some vampires.

I also quite like 'calvin klein-esque' look of the guy top-right.

All these pages are sort of yellowy IRL so in photoshop I whack up the brightness and contrast to make them look cooler/cartoony. I decided to 'keep it real' with the bottom left car because photoshop hates watercolours.


For a lot of the drawings (almost all of them not done from tv) were made from a bunch of reference photos of cars and trees I took around my block. I was quite surprised at the variety of cars and foliage I saw.

But I have some sort of fascination with lamp posts and telegraph poles. They're boring geometric shapes but they intrigue me somehow. This was from a picture I took that contained both of my sweet loves. There's something about the composition of this I really like.

I have already written too much.

My room.

Pencil is notoriously hard (especially on yellow paper) to scan in properly. I managed in photoshop to get the line art to stick out, but the yellow won't fuck off.

One of my reference photos. I think it's a Jeep or SUV or something. I think that means it's evil or something.

So they're the best of where I'm at right now. And this is the second post of the evening. I wish I had friends, then I could go out on a saturday night instead of being a big fat geek.

BTW, I finished 'Prey' for 360 today. The story's pretty crap, except the main character is very likeable. Here are some catchphrases; 'Fucking...HAVE IT!', 'DIE DIE DIE!' and 'Holy shit.'
The game though could do with more experimentation with the portals like the video below (a mod I think). In the end though they're used just like doorways.

There are some other really good videos on you tube.

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