Monday, 16 April 2007

Highlights from the Fast-Paced World of OBSERVATIONAL DRAWINGS

I have (somehow) managed to get some more observational drawings done for this (lame) project. I want my holiday back!

As always, click to enlarge.

Some watercolours are employed here to show off trees. I hate painting. Really hate it. I was going to use Acryllics at some point in this project. But I really REALLY hate those, so water colours are a sort of compromise. Especially as I have been using them since GCSE.

I figured out a better way to make pencil sketches show up on pcs. And no, I won't tell you, ITS MY SECRET!

Note the clever word play at the bottom.

A picture of a tree with another tree drawn on top of it.

And here's the rest of it.

Camper Vans are for jobless stoners and rapists, and I found TWO down the same street.
BTW I really like how this looks. NO BLACK PENS K THX!

I don't know who the hell would buy a caravan though. They're certainly no friends of mine!

Some crazy shit. Nuff said.

From watching Clerks 2. I don't even think these were the best drawings from that session, just the majority of them.

That yellow car bottom right is easily the best looking on this page (and argurably one of the best in this post). This page also took me, like, 3 hours to draw or something. :(

The second 'Rape-Mobil'. Do they only make these things in green or something?

So that's really it. I'm bored out of my mind, but I am not going to be doing more drawing or essay writing tonight (or tomorrow probably :P) . But I'm feeling really restless too. I don't even feel like watching a movie or something. Maybe I should?

Either way, here's an advert I saw on telly that I thought looked really fucking cool.

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